Xenia Activity Cafe

6 November 2016


Venue: Hackney Museum, Technology & Learning Centre, 1 Reading Lane E8 1GQ

Organiser: Theodora Cadbury

I am a recently qualified TEFL teacher with a background in feminist and queer politics and community engagement and education events, currently coordinating a volunteering service in the borough of Brent. My main interests are in positive social engagements and interventions, youth and women's empowerment, and intercultural learning.

Women from all walks of life are invited to come along and meet, connect and learn. English language learners and women who are confident in English will participate in activities together, talking and forming relationships. This will be the beginning of a women’s befriending experiment in women helping other women to learn English through forming connections with people and places around them. When registering for the event, women will be asked brief questions including age, local area, and interests. We will use this information to match people up in friend-pairs to take part in activities together and get to know each other. Start: introductory activities to get to know each other and on how the afternoon will be run Then: women will be matched up in pairs or groups and a group activity will be run. Middle: Groups will be given a treasure hunt-style activity pack of the area which they are to complete together. This will include conversation topics, fact-finding tasks and opportunities to share. End: They will come back together and have a chance to feedback to the rest of the groups how they found it, and then a final activity to introduce Xenia as an ongoing project.