WRD PRTY // lets talk Freedom

20 November 2021


Venue: Common House Unit 5E Pundersons Gardens Bethnal Green, London E2 9QG

Organiser: Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson

Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson is a Theatre Artist, (artistic director/founder of Hit The Ground: Free Word Centre, Lyric Hammersmith, Barbican supported), Actor (His Dark Material – West Yorkshire Playhouse, Theatre 503) Poet (Roundhouse Slam Poet Finalist 2015) Facilitator (Talawa Theatre Company, The Midnight Run) and creator of WRD PRTY (@wrdprty) Her work is visual, mindful and cosmic; delving head first into questions and stories that challenge normative dominant narratives in UK society. Her work includes poetry, podcast, performance, direction, installation, events and workshops. She is inspired by Trees, Laughter and OurStory! Her only aim is to Free people into equally connected unity

WRD PRTY is a creative sharing party and conversation space. I host it to bring people together in a fun, playful and open way so we can share our experiences of the world. We do this via creativity by sharing stories, music, conversation and art pieces. WRD PRTY goers are totally free to play with and not abide by the prescribed ‘Event’ dynamic where there is hierarchy of Artist – Audience and/ or Participant. At WRD PRTY we share the space as equals by invoking the spiritual and oneness through group celebration… in other words it’s a SERIOUSLY DOPE PARTY WITH LOADS OF WICKED VIBRATIONS!

WHAT TO BRING TO WRD PRTY // letstalkFreedom Yourself. Games. Poetry. Song. Music. Talk or conversation point about our World. Food. Stories. Films. Memories. Anything that interests you. Images. Gifts. Ideas. A cushion or blanket. Object. Openness and Connection. Laughter.

Whatever happens at WRD PRTY it comes directly from the people of WRD PRTY as we are the PRTY! Brining this to Anti-University to create an electric and honest environment where we can say, Yes; letstalkFreedom.