Winning Swimming

11 June 2016


Venue: Clissold Leisure Centre, 63 Clissold Road, Hackney, London, N16 9EX

Organiser: Marie Toseland

In her former years, Marie Toseland* was a competitive swimmer for her region. Now though, and for the time being at least, she is an artist based in London. * Marie Toseland is not a trained swimming teacher, but what she lacks in accreditation, she makes up for in personal experience and patience.

A practical advice session for improver swimmers, who know the basics but want general tips or a specific fix. Things that might be helped with –

How to be more streamlined (aka be friends with your surroundings) Improving your front crawl technique Improving your backstroke technique Improving your breaststroke technique Improving your butterfly technique Improving your breathing Swimming in a straight line What’s the use of drills? Tumble turns (not sure, but let’s give it a go) Sense of achievement many more…

Useful information:

The session is limited to 2 people, and singles or pairs are both welcomed. It will take place during a mixed gendered, public swimming session, so please make sure you bring a swimming kit you are comfortable wearing. Equipment (hats/goggles/floats) will not be provided, however the cost of the swim will be covered. Please contact with any queries. Those with additional needs welcomed!