What is God?

10 June 2017


Venue: the greenwich pensioner, 28 bazely street, poplar, london, E14 0ES

Organiser: voice of god

George is multidisciplinary artist from Scotland. His work includes visual art, performance, music and film. He trained in physical theatre at Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. He founded award winning companies Clout Theatre & Cut Tongues. His work takes an interest in the human animal, creating ritual and unconscious states as a means for societal change, healing and awakening. This can take the form of actions, recorded music, performances, gigs, photography, collage, assemblage and film. He plays in fake punk band Business Lunch who recently recorded an album in an abandoned cinema on the Calabrian coast, soon to be released on independent London label run by Mica Levi, Curl. An experienced workshop leader & theatre director, he has led workshops with diverse groups from Russian theatre professionals, to adults with head injuries at Headway in East London. He is currently training as a Feldenkrais teacher. He is an ongoing collaborator with art clown Jamie Wood, and directed his shows O No! & I am a Tree www.georgefinlayramsay.com

A conference in a pub on a big dumb question: what is god?

Beginning as a series of talks and then unfurling into increasingly non-verbal responses, attendees and audience alike will be invited to think about the failure of speaking to deal with the unspeakable, and what role (if any) a semi extinct deity can play in our lives today. For us music, sound and imagery are more able to deal with mystery than discourse can - or at least, those are the primary means at our disposal. Are they the best ones? This is why we are artists not academics. This is why we didn’t go to university.

Guests including a trance-inducing saxophonist, a shaman and inventor of sea meditation, a baptist pastor, a lecturer on queer art and an interesting witch - & more to be confirmed.

Attendees are invited throughout to engage, question, call out, criticise and agree with the speakers/performers

This event is in connection with radio show ‘voice of god’ which will air on balamii.com from May in which we engage with big questions of the silent and invisible.