6 November 2016


Venue: OSE Hall

Organiser: Antonia Bici, Rumela Begum, Reuben Massiah, Coby Lee

Antonia Bici is a playwright and proud Londoner. Antonia has lived in London all her life and in response to the changes she has seen to her home city wants to create a forum for Londoners to share their stories, start conversations and show their solidarity against the housing crisis. Rumela Begum is an aspiring project manager who enjoys being involved in charity projects and working with schools and local communities to learn about their lives and help make positive changes. Reuben Massiah is an actor, writer & workshop facilitator. He enjoys being involved in projects that have unique stories to tell. Coby Lee is an anthropology student and workshop facilitator. She wants to make positive change at a grassroots level through interesting, community-based projects.

SHALL NOT BE MOVED! WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED! Shares the experiences of Londoners stripped of their secure homes and choosing to sit-in rather than move out! The performance tells the stories of tenants dealing with gatekeeping councils, social cleansing and no DSS discrimination. Wonderland London Set in the bizarre world of wonderland London, take a journey through “cosy” properties and try to get the key to a new home!

Share Your ideas

Landlords and council gatekeepers can make anyone feel powerless! Using forum theatre audience members are invited to stop the action at any point, jump in and share their views and ideas to support a tenant. Post-Show Discussion- With Cake Hear about campaigns empowering tenants to fight for secure, safe homes in London. Learn about your rights as a tenant, join in on debates on the housing crisis and tuck into some cake! Kind regards, Antonia A panel featuring housing activists will discuss their campaigns and views on the housing crisis, gentrification and social cleansing. Find out how to start your own campaign and get involved with the debates.