Urban Mining Workshop

21 November 2021


Venue: The Old Grist Mill, Tresooth Lane, Penryn TR10 8DL

Organiser: Glasney Research Guild

Glasney Research Guild is based in Penryn, Cornwall and pursues non-instrumental, playful, pataphysical and situtationist research agendas in a khoratic space just outside the walls of the increasingly neoliberal accredited university system. This workshop is delivered by the Guild based on concepts and guidance materials provided by ethical phone maker Fairphone, a Dutch environmental enterprise who seek to change the relationship between people and their phones.

Have an old discarded mobile phone sitting in a drawer at home? Explore the story behind your phone in this practical workshop.

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of where their mobile phones come from and how they are made. This means that it’s commonplace for consumers to be unaware of many serious issues that plague the mobile phone supply chain. From the social issues surrounding conflict minerals and the environmental impact of mining and phone production, through to dealing with e-waste, the story of your phone needs to be revealed.

This workshop is a hands on introduction geared up to expose the social and environmental issues that plague the mobile phone supply chain. In this practical workshop you will urban mine your phone - in other words, dismantle it, extract the minerals and examine the pieces. Through opening up your phone and taking it apart, the workshop helps you to understand your device. By exploring some of the minerals that your phone contains, looking into the mining-related issues and discussing the environmental concerns created by e-waste, we aim to bring you closer to your mobile phone.

NOTE: It is unlikely that your phone can be reassembled after this process!