Universal basic income - duck or rabbit?

16 June 2017


Venue: Open School East, 50 Athelstan Rd, Margate CT9 2BH

Organiser: Simona Ciocoiu and Delia Spatareanu

Delia Spatareanu is a free range artisan with a background in photography and holistic science. She enjoys facilitating conversations and developing connections between embodiment practices and research in complexity theory and emergence which inform her current practice. deliaspatareanu.com Simona Ciocoiu is a London based interaction designer with a background in graphic design and motion graphics. She enjoys the cross-disciplinary correlations that surface through research and inform final pieces that aim to engage the audience in meaningful (yet playful) ways. http://cargocollective.com/simonaciocoiu

You are hereby invited to jury duty, and Universal Basic Income is on trial.

The idea of a universal basic income has recently resurfaced, with several pilots in countries such as Finland, India and Namibia gathering global attention. What does the idea of a basic income mean to you? Whether you’re a proponent or opponent, whether you know nothing about it or have been following it through its many guises, we invite you to take this time to examine your gut reaction, in the context of an open discussion with a twist.

What we propose is a 12 angry men format, in which everyone around the table must judge for themselves and join the process of reaching a consensus.

This process will also allow for an exploration of the jury group dynamics. We will explore how we enter a debate comfortably. Who is the chair of this meeting? What does it take to feel heard? And who listens? Where are we standing (literally) and how does the world look from our point of view? What do we need to change? We cannot leave until we collectively tame the pink elephant in the room.