Towards Common Ground - Collective Reading and Weeding

12 June 2016


Venue: Eastbrook Farm Allotments, Old Shoreham Road (access through the gate located in the alley that leads from Old Shoreham Road to Shelldale and Manor Hall Roads), Southwick, East Sussex BN42 4NW

Organiser: The Polyverse

The Polyverse (literally 'the many turn') is a new initiative (this is the first modest event) that will see the development of collaborative and collective learning events open and free to all. It is being developed by artist Joseph Schneider who - working across a range of mediums and contexts - is interested in finding common ground between the aesthetic, therapeutic and political.

This will be an opportunity to gather for collective reading and weeding (if you feel like it). We will take turns reading out loud from a selection of writing (theory, literature, etc..) loosely themed around “the commons” - as the idea of something shared by all. Collective reading, if you never experienced it before, is an enjoyably open structure for learning that often results in a conversation full of the tangential richness of interruption and digression. The idea of meeting at the allotment (in the shed if the weather is rainy) is that allotments are the last remaining traces of “the commons” and have their historical roots in the enclosure acts. It will hopefully also make a refreshing change from a classroom!