Thinking about stars and celebrities

6 November 2017


Venue: Conway Hall (Bertrand Russell Room), Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

Organiser: Georgia Mulligan

Georgia lives in South London, and is very interested in celebrities. She is in the 3rd year of a PhD in Film and TV Studies.

Famous people: what do we think we know about them? What do they mean to us? How are these meanings created and maintained? This collaborative workshop will give a fun and accessible introduction to the best academic discipline: the study of stars!

Thinking critically about famous people means thinking about: clothes, hair and makeup; advertising, interviews, Instagram, movie roles, music videos, magazine covers; scandals, awards, dubious charitable activities; age, race, gender, class, ability, sexuality; and so much more! We will talk about some brief and accessible excerpts of academic and non-academic texts on stars together, and then work alone or in groups on a study of someone whose stardom interests us. Those who want to can then present their study to the group using speech, text, images, videos, or anything else.

No prior knowledge of anything academic will be required. The workshop will accommodate people’s preferences to do with reading/not reading, working alone/working collaboratively and presenting/not presenting to the group.

For the organisers: The time and date I’ve put up there is provisional and I need help finding a venue. I am available in the evenings and weekends, and not during weekdays. I hope that’s ok.