The Virtual Restoration Project: A LARP about remaking history (working title)

10 June 2016


Venue: OSE tintin

Organiser: Una Hamilton Helle, Francis Patrick Brady and Sarah Jury

Una Hamilton Helle is an artist and curator whose practice concerns itself with where and how we locate and create meaning for ourselves. Francis Patrick Brady is an artist, writer and lecturer whose work is engaged with storytelling as an aggregate of bits and bytes, a sampling of destinations and worlds available to us through virtual or mechanical extensions of the self. Sarah Jury is a writer and co-curates Res., a mutable project based in a gallery and workspace in Deptford, South East London.

Hi AU team! We hosted a Live Action Role Play (an acted out workshop with elements of theatre improv and collective story making following a loose script) at Res last year and it went really well:

There we used a pre-written script and we are now writing our own LARP which will be play-tested for the first time in May as part of the Block Universe performance festival. We were hoping we could run it again in June for AU, but as the script has not been written yet we can’t give you a full brief. We hope it would be possible to give the full details in a few weeks? The blurb would sound something like this:

“This LARP takes the form of a collective post mortem of a destroyed historical site. The site is now only inhabited by avatars (played by the players) who are attempting to reconstruct it virtually. Disembodied signs, symbols and architectural forms, detached from their original context, abound at the site - it is up to the avatars to redefine and rebuild their already slipping collective memory.

A LARP about the importance of culture and the fallibility of history writing.

Open to all players. A full introduction, walkthrough and debrief will be provided. It is a freeform game with no previous skills or experience required.”