The true story of Françoise or the seven days fragmented Radio Broadcast

10 June 2017


Venue: website adress will be provided later

Organiser: Camille Alena and Tristan Lavoyer

Camille Alena, born in 1986 in Switzerland, Master Student at the RCA London. Tristan Lavoyer, born in 1986 in France, Artist, lives in Lausanne Switzerland

This radio broadcast accessible online during the duration of the festival features a protagonist which will roam and browse and proposes to revive the epic story which links the polyphonic and the multi-perspectivism where the small is big where your car is mine and where finally our bodies don’t belong to us anymore as a private or social property.

One day, a creature wakes up and observes the asperities of her body. She recognizes herself and sees the strata and the suppleness of her skin as delightful, desperate and erotic; a thousand places and times finally understood and demonstrated.

This heroin creates links, the connections between places where we belong as objects and our disappearance. This is when the anti-discourse makes the dialectic of the cause and the effect inoperative; the sweet one can be in the drawing room as well as in other locations, she can be at our place as well as at my place. She navigates to enjoy the real at the same position that we use to identify ourselves. This wish to believe in ontology and epistemology as the big political mechanism of our body. In other words; how to create narrative, historical spaces where confusion and clarity don’t depend on a return to the origin but to a break up of what is inside and outside the body? What distinguishes the organic from the systematic in a biogenetic relation?