The principle of Uselessness: An Assembly

22 November 2021


Venue: 154 Arundel Street, S1 2NU

Organiser: Radical Theory

We are a collective of staff & students from the University of Sheffield interested in critical theory.

We call for an engagement with the ‘useless’ in an event in which we invite citizens/non-citizens/unspeakable ‘subjects’ to respond to, present on, perform, the principle of uselessness: what stands against the notions of utility, what is, tragically, recuperated as ‘useful’, the logic and possibilities of failure, of refuse, refusing participation. Our assembly welcomes any proposals, in whatever form, that speak of/to those concerns; we meet in a collapsed, negative space, a space of ruin, to draw attention to what is neglected, made useless, temporarily occupy it, not to reclaim it, but in order to remain with what itself remains, without use or function, and in so doing to think through exhaustion, withdrawal, nullity. Please send proposals/briefs/etc to, so we have a rough idea of areas of interest.