The extraordinary ordinary people chat show

14 June 2017


Venue: Rosina Studio. 12–20 Rosina Street, Hackney, London, E9 6JH

Organiser: Adam Brichto & Tatevik Sargsyan

Adam Brichto is a documentary film-maker who appears in front and behind the camera. He mostly makes film for charities and universities on a variety of subjects. Here is a link to a recent film he made around Brexit - Tatevik Sargsyan has written about art, music, film and books for various publications. She set up and hosted a monthly cinema and sound happening in Lisbon. Co-developed a vintage bicycle restoration venture. Interested in transgressive literature and contemporary emotions/intimacies. Keen to learn and share knowledge through informal methods.

A chat show with an unusual twist. We invite four seemingly ordinary people on stage to talk about something extraordinary - it will either be something extraordinary that has happened to them, or something extraordinary that they are currently doing. The chat show will have an interesting take on modern life. In an age where people are obsessed with celebrity, we find that television chat shows are mainly used as a vehicle to enhance the participants’ brands. So it’s very rare that anything interesting or unusual happens that enlightens an audience. This will be different. It will borrow from podcasts such as “This American Life” and Radio 4’s “Short Cuts” in terms of finding ordinary people with compelling stories that make us examine our existence from a different perspective.
But we won’t completely leave the standard chat show format behind. Along the lines of American chat shows, we will have a guest house band who will play a couple of songs in between guests (They will also do a longer set after the chat show has ended). And we will also have a short stand up comedy routine from an up-and-coming comedian during the course of the show.