The Cannabis Experience

21 November 2021


Venue: Hoxton Station

Organiser: Yewande Okuleye

Yewande Okuleye is a scientist and oral historian, I am currently studying for a PhD in medical history. My research investigates the confluence of factors which facilitated the re-medicalistion of cannabis as a medicine despite the political, medical and cultural barriers which limited the scientific research into the medicinal potential of the cannabis plant. My research intends to grapple with the tensions, contradictions, and controversies which conversations about cannabis as a medicine engendered, with the view to write a more nuanced history.

The Cannabis Experience, written by Joseph Berke and Calvin Hernton and published in 1974 was the first study in the 20th century to ask over 500 cannabis users about their first -hand experiences of cannabis. Over forty years later, the use of cannabis as a medicine is still being debated. If you are curious about recent conversations about why cannabis is not available for medicinal use, then join me at Hoxton station for a walk and talk event to discuss, debate and ruminate. The tour will end at 49 Rivington Street. You, decide which route we take.

This event is an experimental literature review which engaged with the notion of how knowledge is aqcuired and priviledged. You are encouraged to bring infromation,and illustrations from different sources and we will collate an annotated bibliography about the event,