Tapping the Source of Lyricism for Songwriters

12 June 2016


Venue: Need help

Organiser: Magick Danny

Magick Danny is the singer and songwriter of new London band English Magick. Their third ever gig was described by Record Collector magazine as "euphoric – transcendent." Legendary producer Sonic Boom was so impressed that he remixed their live performance on the online video series 'The Preservation Room'.

In this practical experimental workshop, prolific songwriter Magick Danny will share his unique lyric writing process step by step. Danny says, “I analysed and compared the thinking and approaches of two types of songwriters: those who regularly write songs and those who don’t. There are a few key differences. One is that the ‘blocked’ writers are passive. They are waiting for inspiration to come to them. They have no means of going to the source from which that inspiration comes. And that’s understandable - even the prolific writers don’t really understand how they’re tapping into that source. Meanwhile, many songwriters and creative people in general tend to share an idea that having such a method is somehow inartistic, or ‘cheating’. But that’s nonsense. I developed my own method - a divination ritual that has allowed me to reliably tap a source of lyricism that previously was not available to me. My songwriting has improved in quality and quantity.” For the first time, Danny will teach his magickal divination ritual for lyric writing to other songwriters and interested bystanders.