Tapping Into The City - Group Walk

13 June 2017


Venue: Meet outside 49 Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3QB (near corner of Charlotte Road)

Organiser: Nathania Hartley

The walk is part of a project by artist Nathania Hartley. Nathania creates tiny acts of disruption, using people and place to playfully make us reconsider our everyday. Primarily situated in public space the pieces are frequently transient - interactions or interventions that aim to be accessible to all. She is interested in social relations and all her work is reliant on other people, whether it be in their skills as a performer, their activation as a viewer, or their interaction as a fellow human being. Nathania is an active member of the alternative education group/collective AltMFA.

Come and share a different view of the city streets - looking at the area surrounding the site of the original Antiuniversity of London together in this group walk/live art piece. No need for expertise, to practice or perform. We will use collective embodied learning - simply exploring and responding to our surroundings and each other by moving as one through the city space and listening to its sound and the sound of our feet. I’ll explain the piece and then we’ll walk together for an hour or so, finishing at a nearby pub. Ideally we’ll wear shoes with pennies stuck to the soles. Bring some pennies for your shoes, I’ll also have some extras. (If you don’t want to customise your shoes that’s fine, just wear a comfortable pair that you think may make a bit of a sound.) Part of the Tapping Into The City project - exploring our movements through private-public spaces in the city and the impact of our urban surroundings on us and our relations with each other. More info at www.facebook.com/tappedcity