Spock, art, neoliberalism & one other alien

10 June 2016


Venue: NRS 199 Eade Rd, London N4 1DN

Organiser: Dr Matthew Cheeseman

I am a writer and interdisciplinary researcher who teaches at Southampton Solent University and the University of Sheffield. With friends I run a small press called Spirit Duplicator where we try to print beautiful and interesting things for the sake of it.

This is a talk about tacit knowledge, a way of theorising about a certain kind of knowing that resists being formalised and made explicit. Like riding a bike: something many know how to do but few can actually describe or ‘put into words’. I explore this by talking about Florian Roithmayr’s sculpture, before making a sideways move into thinking about two 1960s aliens, one of whom is Spock (who is only actually half an alien, as his mother was a human). I then use all of this to explain and ‘pick away’ at neoliberalism, a form of contemporary capitalism both familiar and alien to many of us.