Speak Out Against Psychiatry SOAP box

6 November 2017


Venue: Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, London, W2 2EU. Marble Arch tube

Organiser: SOAP (Speak Out Against Psychiatry)

SOAP (Speak Out Against Psychiatry) first came into existence in June 2011 with their first protest/speak out outside the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Belgrave Square. We are a group of survivors, carers, mental health professionals and concerned citizens who are campaigning for humane treatment for those experiencing mental distress. We are opposed to forced drugging and electroshock to the brain, both of which still occur in the UK. We organise protests, raise awareness, support survivors to speak up and promote humane alternatives to the current system.

Six years ago SOAP (Speak Out Against Psychiatry) held their first Speak Out in Belgrave Square followed by a picnic in Hyde Park. We want to repeat this event to celebrate our years of fighting an inhumane psychiatric system. We would welcome anyone who wants to stand on our SOAP box at Speakers Corner and tell the world what has happened to them or to their loved ones in the psychiatric system. Or you can just come to listen and lend support. We will have plenty of posters to read and people to have a one-to-one with. Perhaps you would like to try our ‘diagnostic wheel’ which is just as reliable as the DSM 5! Our last Speakers Corner event in 2015 was well received and we were asked to come back the next week! If the weather holds we can have a picnic in Hyde Park (bring your own or there is a cafe nearby). Nearest tube Marble Arch. Nearest toilets are in McDonalds across the road or by ‘The Lookout’ in the park which is a bit of a walk.