Silent Passages

10 June 2017


Venue: Meet under the last tree on Hare Street SE18 6DS (junction with Woolwich High Street & opposite entrance to Woolwich Waterfront Leisure Centre).

Organiser: AIR

AIR practices an art of publicness, making space for the unexpected, unanticipated, and unknown in the everyday life of Londoners. It brings landscapes, people and ideas into productive collision, to prompt new encounters, conversations, and actions. For ten years AIR has been making choreographed silent walks as part of our research into deep knowledge of a place and each other.

Separating North Woolwich and Woolwich is a place where people have crossed the river for more than a thousand years – an interruption in the pace of the city, an anomaly in the network, a public thinking space.

Silent Passages is a walk in, on, through, and around this place of in-between, a somatic consideration of the poetic and material everyday, and the local and geopolitical conditions of crossings.

If we resist an urge to make words of things can we bring about different conditions for our experiences to land and settle into us? We do not seek to know through capturing results but through opening up possibilities for shared, yet personal, knowledge of the city as a trace in our bodies.