Ro -o/u- t(e)s

11 June 2017


Venue: Cycling around London

Organiser: Leonie Rousham

Leonie Rousham, 20, is an artist, writer, activist and DIY hairdresser born in London and studying at The Slade School of Fine Art. These performances engage with mapping and exploring notions of space and place both physically and through virtual extensions. Using hairdressing and cycling as a way of locating and intervening with the city and the public, in attempt to create some form of exchange or communication.

This project is a day-long public performance/experiment, I will have a bike with a hairdressing chair attached to it. Whoever gets a ticket will receive a free haircut in their chosen location. A Gopro attached to the bike will record the journey I take to the customer and the haircut itself will also be recorded on a Gopro attached to a razor/scissors. These recordings will the go online. Whilst having their haircut the customers will receive a zine which talks about the history of haircutting and a do it yourself haircutting tutorial. The customer has choreographed this performance by choosing a location, the public become the audience observing this performance take place, the videos will then be streamed online and achieved for an online audience to comment and feedback. The performance explores notions of space and place and how we locate ourselves in the city through the activities and conversations that we take place in. It also explores how an audience and an artist/profession is positioned by the roles they take on. The title, Ro-ou-t(e)s, is a play on the idea of origin, an original, a ROOT CAUSE, a walked ROUTE and HAIR-ROOTS.