Revolution! French protest songs (1789-1989)

11 June 2016


Venue: St Augustine's Tower, Mare Street, Hackney E8 1JB

Organiser: Captain Simard

Captain SIMARD is a young Parisian singer. After getting a Master's degree in 2012 from the Sorbonne University where he studied the history of Jazz music in link with the Civil Rights Movement, he started to perform in small venues around Paris, developing a repertoire including his own compositions in French as well as traditional songs from the previous centuries (belonging to the public domain). Although he claims not to be a protest singer, he always tries to establish a link between what he sings and the social reality - present or past - of his audience.

A lecture/performance by the French artist Captain Simard, covering 200 years of musical protest in France. The idea is to tell the story of songs shaped by historical events, and to perform some of them.