Reading Without Borders: Doris Lessing's Mara and Dann

12 June 2017


Venue: Camden People's Theatre

Organiser: The IF Project

The IF Project is a free university. We run free, degree-level humanities short courses taught by a network of academics who volunteer time and expertise. IF is a community where knowledge is shared, taught and debated at no cost to students.

A literature lecture given by Tom Sperlinger for The IF Project. Tom Sperlinger is reader in English Literature and Community Engagement at The University of Bristol, and the author of ‘Romeo and Juliet in Palestine’ (Zero Books), and ‘Doris Lessing and the Forming of History’ (EUP, 2017).

This lecture is part of ‘Thinking Without Borders: A Short History of the Present’ - a new course from The IF Project, starting April 20th 2017.

Thinking without borders is a free 10-week course in university-level humanities. It will explore contemporary concerns such as truth and lies, power and freedom, nations and rights, and culture and identity as seen from the perspective of writers, historians, philosophers and artists. Students will gain an understanding of how the disciplines of history, philosophy and literature work, and how they provide tools for analysing, interpreting and understanding the forces that shape the world today.