RDG(objects) 'random data generator'

22 November 2021


Venue: 4, 49 White Post Ln, Queens Yard, London E9 5EN

Organiser: arebyte gallery

Antonia Clare Grant FRSA BAhons Sculpture Wimbledon UAL - 2006-09 MA hons Creative Practise for Narrative Environments Central St Martins 2010-12 in 2002 I joined a collective of artists running spaces in east end of London doing performances and showing working mainly with food and drink - including Fordham Gallery REdux, T12Artspace - showed first year of Freize at Zoo gallery shows include Bishcoff Wiess Live Art work in collection of Petrie Museum UCL commissioning artist is my main practice since 2012 I have been living between here and Greece developing ideas rather than showing. website got hacked and crashed 2014 - new works and videos posted on facebook https://www.facebook.com/antonia.c.grant/videos/vb.548979244/10151775346484245/?type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/antonia.c.grant/videos/vb.548979244/10153827503954245/?type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/antonia.c.grant/media_set?set=a.10151774451754245.1073741827.548979244&type=3

RDG(o) - ‘random data generator’ (objects)’

talk in gallery space with slides and examples - RDG is a tool for making work created by artist Antonia Clare Grant FRSA the origins of the idea - A project in Greece with design students at the University of the Aegean to create a site specific collaborative public installations - the students were given specific actions over a period of a month which enabled them to put themselves into the heart of an artwork process self generated via them mapping thier day to day actions - these guides translated into photos of sites around the city and culminated in an installation and narrative about the wear and tear to ship yard workers - The process had alot of hiccups and many of the ideas didnt translate either because of language barriers or differences of opinions 0but some worked as they designed as the artist I mapped their activity -

the outcome is RDG(o) 1st - ‘random data generator’ - its works like a slot machine - generating binary numbers materials shapes and actions eg:burn, distress, emotives

and then a second digital slot doing - locations -e.g: a.place: park, road, parking lot, river, house flat doorway…..b. space: (floor ceiling wall table) this culminates to create a mathematical equation of actions and becomes the title of the work

2nd - ‘equation’ name of work-> 4 x wood _circle >burn /happy- hanging from ceiling this becomes a guide to make work its materiality, scale, volume, pathology, process.