Raw Foodism; An IntRAWduction

12 June 2016


Venue: Common House

Organiser: DebRose SearchWell

DebRose SearchWell has been a raw vegan since 2010, and is a nutritional therapist, researcher, and conducts numerous raw food workshops and wholistic health presentations. She has started to create her own line of raw food products and is a devoted faster and juicer. She is the founder of Natural November, which is a natural cultural hair, health, wealth and beauty event, and is active within the community, helping to raise awareness of the ill effects from the beauty, food and medical industries, as well as providing solutions.

Interested in eating healthier animal free foods? Starting to become more concerned about what you eat?

There has never been a better time to incorporate raw (live) foods into your diet. Raw foodism is the dietary practise of eating raw, unprocessed foods below 46C (115F).

Many health (and image) conscious celebrities are singing the praises of this dietary practise. And it is not just about the food; animal rights, ecology, ethics, lifestyle and spirituality also come into play.

Not only is raw food among the healthiest nutrient dense food available, but studies have shown that it can also help with eliminating numerous diseases and has many anti-ageing benefits.

Attend to hear more about the many benefits of raw foods, how cheap and easy it is to get started, plus you also will get to sample some delicious (nut free) nutritious sweet treats as well.