Ragged University Talks

9 June 2016


Venue: The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham St, Manchester, M4 1LE

Organiser: Ragged University

Ragged University is inspired by the best of the Ragged Schools where communities came together to share their knowledge and value each others skills. Today this project is about recognising that 'everyone is a ragged university; a unique and distinct body of knowledge accredited with their life experience, and with a membership of one'. Running since 2010, Ragged University events have run regularly in Manchester and Edinburgh through volunteer coordinators and the good will of communities.

Come along to the Castle Hotel on Oldham Street in Manchester to listen to two talks on what people are passionate about in informal settings. Like George Birkbeck and the Royal Society started in the relaxed and humble habitat of the public houses and cafes, Ragged University holds the doors open to everyone who wants to share their knowledge with others and extend their community of peers. There will be some food provided and excellent beverages available from the bar.