12 June 2016


Venue: Notting Hill Gate tube, London W11 (meet outside 'Eat')

Organiser: Anita Ponton

Artist and writer Dr Anita Ponton is a native west Londoner. For more info on her artistic practice go to www.anitaponton.com

Artist led walking tour of Notting Hill in which we discover the radical roots of this now highly desirable and expensive area of London. Once, not so very long ago, it was a terrible hub of poverty and iniquity. On the walk we will be exploring the roles played by rock n rollers, deviants, squatters, community activists, hippies, musicians and Rastas (amongst many others) in changing the nature of the area and mending some some of the race and poverty issues through community action. We’ll discuss the roots of Carnival and the nascence of the underground scene in the UK. Frequent drug and sex references make it (probably) unsuitable for small children. We end the tour with refreshments under the shadow of the iconic Trellick Tower.