Puppetry, Ventriloquism and Inner Politics

11 June 2017


Venue: Unit 2 Grosvenor Way E5 9ND

Organiser: RARA

RARA School is a platform for theme-based public workshops, combined with provocative discussions, making and action. It aims to ignite discussions around the socio-political meanings of making culture as well as to take tangible actions with what we make. Theory/Making/Action!

The self-learning workshop, Puppetry, Ventriloquism and Inner Politics explores ideas of the personal and political subconscious through the voice of alter-egos. Voice is the medium of power practices, and hence the dissociated voice of ventriloquists is considered both as a threat to and a guarantee of the political authority. Neurotic rather than therapeutic, this workshop is to reveal the voice of hysteria and brutal honesty regarding the political current. Join us as we sew, glue and create our own puppets, learn some ventriloquism techniques and discover what our inner voices have to say.

  • This is a day long workshop. Please bring some food or snack to share for lunch.