Proust and the Pleasure Garden

20 November 2021


Venue: Red Gallery - 1-3 Rivington str. EC2A 3DT

Organiser: HugRouxLaw

A newly formed art installation band HugRouxLaw are three female artists. Collectively presenting the aesthetic punk of the anthropocene and invite our audience to take a swampy and sultry dip into the impressionistic intensity / ecstasy found in minute observation of the natural world. With mouths full of blood honey and bees we blow kisses and bang bang arms.

Three female artists and drummers come together to play flower child hunters in an installed botanical and sythasised scenography. This performance / installation incorporates sound, image, text and spoken word / song. Word drift from chanting the latin names of flowers, to the narration of notes from books of wildflowers, into personal writings which, at times reference Proust’s experience of nature in À la Recherche du Temps Perdu… Proust and the Pleasure Garden has the potential to be a day long or durational event, which would allow the installation to be activated in multiple ways, through numerous participatory performances and multiple instruments, costumes, objects, texts and spaces for reflection will be available.