Phone Security 101

14 June 2017


Venue: Doomed Gallery, 65-67 Ridley Road, Dalston, London, E8 2NP

Organiser: Dolly Watson

Dolly Watson (he/him) is a communist with the smallest of c's. Organising with Fuel Poverty Action and Plan C London, and getting up to all kinds of trouble in between. Interested in a politics built around care (and against work) which seeks to organise at the level of social reproduction. Trying to remember that revolution is a process, or many. Has been tinkering with info security, and wants to share the crypto-love. Also enjoys climbing, walks in the woods, cumbia, and plenty more besides!

Also known as “Friends don’t let friends SMS,” “Phones(ecurity)4U,” and “The revolution will be encrypted,” this workshop is an accessible introduction to all things security-of-the-phone. Whether it’s day to day social life, tweeting and political organising from your smartphone, or on an action with a burner, we’ll work through some of the simple ways to upgrade your information security, and that of your friends and comrades, on mein handy.

We live in the most highly surveilled country in the world, with a sophisticated intelligence agency called GCHQ tapping all internet traffic in an illegal program called Tempora, undercover cops infiltrating our spaces, and a Home Office minister determined to outlaw end-to-end encryption (both ridiculous and mathematically impossible). To stay safe, we need to be increasingly savvy about how we use our phones, and what channels we use to communicate, organise, and resist. But it can be well boring, so let’s figure it out together!

All welcome, whatever your level of familiarity with the tech. We’ll have a safer spaces policy in play so no funny business please.