Own Boss Loneliness (or Do Lone Workers Dream of Office Parties?)

16 June 2019


Venue: Make Your Own Shift, The Castle Climbing Centre, Green Lanes, London N4 2HA

Organiser: Zoe Toolan

I'm an artist and educator with one foot in the conceptual, one foot in the visual, and one foot in the everything in-between, and I'm constantly questioning what being an artist even means within our awesome/painful/terrifying/hilarious/shit/beautiful/baffling world. I believe in radical pedagogy through equality, listening, mutual learning and delicious whisky (I'm also a whisky professional) and I regard any workshop/course I run as a live, participatory happening and a vital part of my own education and practice.

A fun, thought provoking and uplifting workshop day of professional development bringing together artists, the self employed and anyone who feels as though they work alone, culminating in the type of office party we can only dream of.

Taking the form of an away day conference, we’ll get to know each other and ourselves better through interesting practical exercises, idea sharing, listening, discussion, doodling, list making and generally just enjoying each other’s company, all with the aim of personal revelations, own boss coping strategies and genuine bond building for future support and exploration.

Activities will explore issues such as: Is working alone a choice? Do independence and loneliness go hand in hand? How to feel part of a tangible community if your work physically takes you anywhere and everywhere/keeps you in front of a screen. How to figure out that infamous work-life balance if your work is your life and vice versa. Coping with financial precarity. How to switch off and not feel guilty about it.

And to close, an office party. Being lone workers, we probably haven’t been to one for a while/ever. What do you even do at an office party? Is it fun or weird? Do you dance? Will there be crisps? No idea. Let’s find out so we need dream no more…

Workshop 2pm - 5pm Party 5pm - 7pm