Other Acts of Public WARMTH

10 November 2016


Venue: New River Studios TBC

Organiser: Bethany Wells

I am a professional performance designer working across dance, theatre and installation. With a background in architecture I am particularly interested in spatial dramaturgy + how space communicates through time in performance. I see design as a form of activism; I am interested in exploring what can be achieved politically and socially by the collective live experience of performance.

Join us for a traditional Finnish wood-fired sauna in a converted horse trailer. Spend an hour with us at WARMTH, exploring the sauna as both a social space and an immersive sensory environment.

The sauna is an important institution in Finland, seen as a necessity as opposed to a luxury. To continue the Finnish tradition of taking a regular sauna on Saturdays, we’ll be lighting the stove for the whole afternoon + evening.

Learn the art of making löyly Use a birch or eucalyptus vihta 80c temperature approx Capacity 5-6 Swimwear optional Bring a towel All genders Croc-style slippers provided Outdoor cold shower to cool down Children must be accompanied

WARMTH creates a safe space to spend time, have conversations, and challenge preconceptions about the performance of the body in public.

WARMTH is built in a converted horse trailer using Finnish timber and an Estonian wood-burning stove, taking inspiration from the Mobile Sauna Festival in Finland, the US-based DS Institute Mobile Sauna, and research trips to the Sauna Arla, Kotiharjun Sauna, Finnish Sauna Society + Kulttuurisauna in Helsinki.

WARMTH has been commissioned by Compass Live Art and is supported by Arts Council England. We are working with Compass Live Art throughout 2016 to develop WARMTH as an experimental performance space, launching in Leeds as part of Compass Live Art Festival in November 2016.