Oral History as Direct Action

6 December 2017


Venue: MayDay Rooms, 88 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1DH

Organiser: Kerry William Purcell

I am a Senior Lecturer in Design History at the University of Hertfordshire. I am also a PhD student at Birkbeck (my subject 'The Militant Historian: A study of the concept of history in the work of Alain Badiou). I also run a podcast called The Last Outpost.

The aim of this workshop is to explore how Oral History, in the form of podcasting, can contribute, assist, and directly engage with political action. Often, the boundaries of possible responses to life events are limited by the narrow forms of public discourse. Oral history as a form of journalism, as an immediate response to events as they are emerging (as opposed to Oral history as an archival project), can contribute to the formation of a political language that offers a progressive register through which to share and make sense of our personal (often isolated) encounters with the representatives o f“capital-parliamentarism”.