Occupying Space

6 November 2017


Venue: Waterlow Park Centre, Dartmouth Park Hill, London, N19 5JF

Organiser: Becky Buckmann & Rhiannon Moxham

Cinenova is a non-profit organisation dedicated to distributing feminist films and video. Formed in 1991 from the merger of two feminist distributors, Circles and Cinema of Women, Cinenova provides the means to discover and watch experimental films, narrative feature films, artists film and video, documentary and educational videos. Buckmann and Moxham have been working with Cinenova for 1 year under the Arts Quest Widening Participation Scheme. This is their first public event using the collection.

This curated screening event will be showing films from the Cinenova collection that deal with different aspects of space. Initially inspired by considering the past, contemporary and future space of the Cinenova collection itself, the programme will include ideas around race and gender such as having a space in history, interior and exteriors, occupying space and the public and private.