Non-Violent Direct Action Training

12 June 2017


Venue: Giuseppe Conlon House, 49 Mattison Road, London N41BG

Organiser: London Catholic Worker

The London Catholic Worker is an ecumenical Christian community in North London. We run a house of hospitality where we live together with destitute migrants and asylum seekers. We take non-violent action against arms trade, militarism, nuclear weapons and in solidarity with migrants and refugees. The Catholic Worker is an international Christian anarchist and pacifist movement which was founded in New York in 1933.

The training explores questions such as “what is violence?” and “what is non-violent resistance?” through group exercises and discussion. The workshop will be led by anti-war activists and members of the London Catholic Worker, a Christian anarchist and pacifist community. People of all backgrounds are invited to participate and share their own ideas and experiences. The aim is to learn from each other and build awareness and understanding of different perspectives on non-violence which can strengthen solidarity and cooperation between different groups and movements.

The training will take place at Giuseppe Conlon House, the London Catholic Worker’s house of hospitality for destitute migrants and asylum seekers.