Nightsniffing: A Bats and Gentrification Datawalk

15 June 2017


Venue: The precise meeting point will be announced three weeks before the event.

Organiser: Cliff Hammett

Cliff Hammett is a creative tinkerer and software meddler whose uses DIY electronics, poetry, performance and game design to uncover how new forms of power and practice emerge from digital and technical systems.

Nightsniffing is an ongoing creative project investigating the following questions:

  • What have bats got to do with change in our city?
  • Can we adapt methods from bat ecology and practices of walking at night to investigate the systems and forces that make it increasingly hard to live here?
  • Can we do it in a way that benefits bats, humans and the other living things that inhabit the city?

We’ll begin to think about these questions through an evening stroll, accompanied by bat detectors and custom DIY contraptions, listening for strange sonic frequencies and seeking traces of data processes. Along the way, we’ll try to make links between the inaudibility of our bat co-habitants and the invisibility of the economic and computational systems reshaping the city. The area for the walk is presently being researched, and will be announced in early May.