Mutabili Numerus (OOO)

15 June 2017


Venue: Red gallery, 1-3 Rivington St, London EC2A 3DT

Organiser: No Host yet /I could possibly ask my college CSM

No Host confirmed yet

Mutabili Numerus (OOO) is a site-specific performance that reflects on Deleuze repetition and difference, through the medium of performance, costume, and interaction. In the performance the common setting of the stage is deconstructed, supporting the idea of the public philosophical discourses in ancient greece, including figures such as Socrates. The dancers make use of 9 choreographed gestures within the 30-40 minutes, by transforming them through individual ‘repetition and difference’. It reflects on our recent discourses on the idea of collectivity and individuality, and the necessarity to begin discourses that support interactivity, and the opening of narrowing borders.