lascivious story - the 72hrs radio broadcast

9 June 2016


Venue: help required

Organiser: Camille Alena, Tristan Lavoyer

Camille Alena, born in 1986 in Switzerland, Master Student at the RCA London. Tristan Lavoyer, born in 1986 in France, Artist, lives in Lausanne Switzerland

How to create a temporality where people can formulate a legend about themselves? The idea of this performance is to give rise to a great tale through a three day live broadcast: a construction and condensation of complex aspects which are made of created objects; movies, readings and book descriptions, exhibitions visits, psycho-analysis sessions, chronics, discussions and confrontations, specialists about orgasm, whistling, environments and gossip. The idea of this 72hrs radio broadcast is to open anti-speech or forms and objects which are not intended to produce coherence but rather an economy of the affect, an orgasmic link to the form where the lie is as true as the reality. We would like to articulate private spaces; a mythology of their own existence. The project takes the form of an organised program structured in chapters and participants venue.