Language for all

11 June 2016


Venue: nomad project

Organiser: Bruno, Hektor, Jingwen

We do research in different fields, education, comedy, visual arts and curatorial practice. We met during the exhibition “Je suis...” curated by Jingwen Zhang, now part of our group, that took place in Paris in solidarity of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. We are interested in the coming together of people, self organization and autodidactic approach to learning.

We are working on our project “Langage pour tous / Langage for everyone”. This project is based on communication between people with non-verbal skills. Our utopia is to develop a universal form of language in which the cultural and social diversity are not an obstacle in the meeting and sharing with the other. We aim at working with people that are in need to communicate with the other and feel the need to express themselves.