L e s s e n i n g

9 April 2016


Venue: Furtherfield Commons, Finsbury Park N4

Organiser: L e s s e n i n g

L e s s e n i n g is a newly formed collective that developed through a common passion for food and the recurrent conversations that followed our shared interests in the socio-political, cultural and environmental implications that are bound within food. Through the word ‘L e s s e n i n g’ we incorporate the initials of our names and also express our approach. L e s s e n i n g refers to ‘cutting down’ in waste and lessening production as well as echoing aural similarities to 'lesson' and ‘listening’, characteristics that refer to the idea and spirit of ‘learning together.’

Food is tied to every aspect of our everyday life. Food is fundamental, however it is very much neglected and mistreated. How does culture and society affect our relationship to food? How do we lessen the abundance of waste? What do we understand as waste? What is discarded and what is embraced? L e s s e n i n g started from this set of questions and developed as an ongoing conversation. As we repeatedly experienced issues of waste within our locality, L e s s e n i n g came about as an awakening and a reconnection to our surroundings to acknowledge, reflect and eventually act on the current tendency to over-produce.

We would like to invite people who are interested in similar issues and create a space for a conversation concerning the different values food can assume (economic, social, affective) and the consequential importance this has on the formation of communities. One persons’ waste is in fact another’s lifeline, and on the wider context food chains could feed the 5,000 over and over in the amount willfully discarded. We would like to discuss food as a turning point and explore how to relate to food and each other differently.

The experiment will take the shape of an open conversation stimulated by the fragments of food and/or thought brought as instigators for further discussion, embracing the spirit of learning together collaboratively, horizontally – with everybody bringing in their own stories and expertise. We invite participants to join the discussion and bring their own food, ideas and stories to the table, to learn from each other how we can rethink our relationship to food consumption starting from the everyday: our kitchen, the street, workplaces as well as food chains, foodbanks and communal spaces.