Knowing Space

10 June 2016


Venue: National Museum of Scotland, Chambers St, Edinburgh EH1 1JF

Organiser: Gerard O'Brien

Gerard O'Brien originally studied Zoology at Trinity College Dublin, before u-turning into landscape architecture. After a masters degree in this subject at Edinburgh College of Art he went into practice. In 2006 he became a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute. He now lectures in Garden and Greenspace Design. Before becoming an 'employed' teacher he set up a fictional school 'The College of Self Disruption'.For many years he has also been involved in the visual arts/dance/performance.

This event is based on the idea of noticing, experiencing and describing a journey through a space. It has it’s origins in the serial visions of Gordon Cullen as well as studies in environmental psychology. You are asked to do a journey within a internal and external space, and describe using video, word, the body or more conventionally drawing. You are asked to share your ‘findings’ with the others and discuss informally. ‘The important thing is to be aware you exist’ Luc Godard…to know you exist you might start by looking at yourself in time and space, this simple workshop begins this journey. To know space you’ve got to notice it.