Improvised Everything

21 November 2021


Venue: Brighton venue to be confirmed

Organiser: Niall Sloane

Niall Sloane is interested in designing, making, research and education, and particularly in the political and philosophical questions around public participation in design. He has studied Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, University of London, Contemporary Art History at Goldsmiths College, University of London, and Arts and Cultural Research: Design at the University of Brighton. Niall worked as a university art and design technician for five years, during which time he became interested in imagining ways to redesign design education, based on a more equal form of participation.

Improvised Everything is a workshop for anyone - especially anyone who wants to design and make things but doesn’t know how, or lacks the confidence to do so. By improvising your own tools and then putting them to use together to make new things, the workshop aims to demonstrate how you can teach yourself to act as a designer and maker. Learn to see designed objects not as black boxes, but as assemblies of things that can be broken down and reconfigured in new and unexpected ways. Learn that you don’t have to accept what is given to you by professionals, but that you can act yourself, in a spirit of free and unruly adaptation. Take control of your material surroundings, and learn to see the designed world not as a fait-accompli, but something that can be changed, to your own ends. Materials and tools provided.