Humans and nature in the 21st century [science series]

10 June 2017


Venue: Conway H (Brockway Room), Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

Organiser: Jonny Ritson

Jonny Ritson is a research associate at Imperial College working on the carbon cycle in soils and surface waters. He is also keen on communicating science to non-scientists and developing his own connection to nature. Aside from his formal research he is also interested in how land ownership and capitalism affect the environment.

Jonny Ritson, of Imperial College London, will draw on the work of Lovelock, Humboldt and Kropotkin to discuss human interaction with nature and how to achieve a balance between society’s needs and those of the planet, as a healthy, functioning ecosystem. He will discuss his own research on peat bogs and their (mis)management as well as how land ownership and economics shape the fields and forests around us. Rather than offering definitive solutions, the talk aims to ask the questions which collectively we must answer, providing examples of what has and has not worked in the past. The talk will lead to a discussion with groups reporting back so that everyone’s opinion is heard. The resulting discussion will be summarised and published as an article.