How to set up an Alternative School in Ireland

14 June 2017


Venue: Jigsaw, 10 Belvedere Court, Dublin 1.

Organiser: Aaron Keohane,

Aaron Keohane is co-founder of Sudbury School Paris and Wicklow Sudbury School and former Council member of the European Democratic Education Community. While carrying out undergraduate applied psychology research on initiative development while at University College Cork Aaron observed an ownership deficit in terms of students’ learning – students did not feel in charge of their learning. This sparked within him an interest in the field of education and after becoming qualified as an English and Mathematics teacher he took up a post at Summerhill, the world’s oldest and most famous democratic school. It was here that Aaron developed his philosophy of student-centered education which lead him to the Sudbury Model of education, a radically student-centred model of education. In August 2015 he became part of the L’École Dynamique team which established France’s first Sudbury School. He then went on to become a Council member of the European Democratic Education Community and co-found the Sudbury School Paris and and Wicklow Sudbury School.

At the presentation you can learn about the main components in setting up an alternative school. The presentation will cover topics such as forming a committee, articulating a strong vision, the Irish legal context and financing.