How To Get Interpellated: Introduction to the Political Philosophy of Louis Althusser

21 November 2021


Venue: Open School East

Organiser: Centre for Cultural Studies Research, University of East London

This session will be led by Dr Debra Benita Shaw, Co-Director of the Centre for Cultural Studies Research at the University of East London. CCSR has been working with Open School East to present the work of CCSR researchers and invited speakers to a wider audience. We are teaching the Introduction to Cultural Studies course for free because we believe not only that education should be free but that knowledge is a crucial weapon in the war against all forms of inequality.

The French nearly had (another) revolution in 1968 but, ultimately, it failed. Louis Althusser was one of the post-’68 theorists who set himself the task of working out why people give in to authority, even when it would be better for them to not do so. We’ll be studying how he made use of the post-Freudian theory of psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan to explain why we all consider ourselves guilty until proven innocent. This is Session 6 in the Introduction to Cultural Studies series of lectures at Open School East delivered by members of the University of East London’s Centre for Cultural Studies Research.