How do we tackle racism in 2016?

9 June 2016


Venue: 92 Peckham Rd, London

Organiser: rs21

​rs21 are a group of revolutionary socialists committed to exploring what it means to be a revolutionary in the 21st century​. Host bio: ​Matt Collins came into radical politics through the movement against the Iraq war, he has been heavily involved in anti-racist and antifascist politics and spent years organising trade unions amongst care workers in the private sector. He now works as a full time organiser for rs21​.

In the run up to the referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU; the politics of migration dominate the narratives of both camps. The government is restricting the rights of EU migrants whilst the EU presides over ‘fortress Europe’ which is condemning thousands of refugees to death attempting to cross the Mediterranean. The government’s prevent program harrasses and criminalises the muslim community, whilst the racism of the press and violence of resurgent fascist movements stigmatise and brutalise. Privately run immigration detention centres, where the government imprisons those it deems to be ‘illegal’ are sites of abuse and dehumanisation. In working class communities around the country the police continue to terrorise minority communities and deaths in custody are a never far from the headlines.

Racism pervades every part of capitalist societies, yet as the outpouring of solidarity for Syrian refugees and the growth of the movement against detention has shown; it’s something that the left can organise to confront. Come to our discussion at the Peckham Pelican, 7-9pm, on Thursday 9 June to talk about the nature of racism in Britain and the world in 2016, and how we can organise across communities and movements to fight it.