House of Covvens

11 June 2016


Venue: 6 Troutbeck Road, New Cross, SE14 5PN (my house- last time I did it at Alex's house, do you think people will travel to New Cross as it seems quite a lot of people who get involved are from East/North London way?)

Organiser: Jodie Chinn

Graduated from BA Design at Goldsmiths, University of London, interested in a multidisciplinary approach to design.

Inspired in particular by the Wiccan religion’s ideas and practices which are centered around personal and collective power, a ‘Covven’ is a group discussion, which through it’s structure aims for a non-hierarchical, communal exploration of ideas and social issues through both conversation and creativity. A space for self-reflection and growth which is missing in secular communities.

The design of this gathering sits within a larger project called House of Covvens which challenges the outdated, alienating and oppressive nature of the UK’s parliamentary system, looking at how integrating traditionally overlooked ‘feminine’ bodies of knowledge could break down hierarchies, creating a more equal and effective society.

Within this system I have imagined that people in society would gather regularly in these ‘Covvens’ and through this alternative approach are able to subvert the current authority and control of the institutional forms of information sharing which are inevitably tailored to sustain the power of those already at the top. It is about the demystification of misconceptions we’ve been fed by these institutions through setting up environments that allow the free sharing of ideas and perspectives and therefore an organic approach to education.