Hands-on rewiring'

10 June 2016


Venue: Unit H - Arena Design Centre, N4 1FF

Organiser: Margita Yankova

A Fine Art graduate with a passion for making. The notions of play in human existence and the importance of making have been most exciting to explore in my practice. Working with mostly natural materials, I challenge the relationship to objects in today's art and design by making dysfunctional, yet 'alive' sculptures. I seek to defy expectations of the performative and material properties of the medium. My work explores elemental variance – combining fired and unfired clay, for example – questioning our will to engage with the familiar and subverting it through humour.

“The hand is window on to the mind” Immanuel Kant Aimed at reconnecting thinking with making, the workshop is giving the opportunity to revive the simplest of pleasures in the everyday - creating what surrounds us. By exploring the idea of our hands-on involvement in our own existence, we would be performing and recalling the connection of our brain to our hands - the source of the material creation. Of all the human limbs, the hands make the most varied movements, movements that can be controlled at our will. Science has sought to show how these motions, plus the hand’s varied ways of gripping and the sense of touch, affect how we think. The link between the head and the hand can be explored in various ways. By returning to engagement with crucial to our development as children activities, such as working with clay, we are going to challenge our relationship and involvement in them today. From the simple experimenting with materials to the perfection of a specialised approach, this link can enrich our lives and the way we exist in the world around us.