Hackney Wick Beach - Travel Around Yourself

20 November 2021


Venue: 67 Rothbury Road, Hackney Wick E9 5HA

Organiser: Hackney Tours

Hackney Tours started as a way for founder Simon Cole to get the international tour guiding buzz at home. But it became an exploration of how to be in the world; to find meaning and artistic expression; to make sense of a part of East London changing before our eyes. What is tourism? Why do we travel? What do we seek? From the start tours have asked questions: about Olympic missiles; gentrification or gender equality. Discovering the past to understand the present and explore the future, they fuse (social) history with sociology and politics in an attempt to find meaning in a volatile landscape.

Why do we travel? What are we looking for? Could we find it on our own doorstep? Is is a state of mind more than a place and if so how can we access it in the everyday? On this walk in an extraordinary part of East London that’s about to be lost, we’re going to dispense with the usual ‘guide talks and customer listens’ model of a walking tour and generate our own tour and discussion. Can we move from a binary division of work versus holiday/festival? Simon Cole from Hackney Tours will facilitate an experience where we deconstruct tourism in an attempt to hack the best parts and apply them to daily life. Then, in true holiday fashion, we will hit a great microbrewery pub to enjoy some connection and reflect on any learnings and ephiphanies we had. Or just drink beer and enjoy each other’s company. Bring a prop! Bring something that says ‘holiday’ or ‘travel’ to you. It could be a sun hat, a guidebook or whatever. This walk is about YOU. Dress warm, bring your opinions.