For Love or Money - The economics of making art, in a time of austerity

22 November 2021


Venue: CLAPTON RESIDENCE 130 Upper Clapton London, UK, E5 9JY

Organiser: Paula Varjack

Paula Varjack is an artist working in theatre, performance and video. Her work explores identity, our relationships with each other, and with cities. She has performed at numerous cultural spaces including: Tate Modern, The Victoria & Albert Museum, Richmix, Battersea Arts Centre, The Southbank Centre, and The Photographer's Gallery. In addition to performing, she produces events and facilitates workshops with a wide range of age groups, using creative writing and drama games to unblock creativity. She is currently developing a new solo show “ Show Me The Money” - exploring the economic reality of being an artist in the U.K. based on interviews with artists and aspiring artists across the country.

A talk exploring the financial reality of artists making a living, and trying to make a living in the U.K. today. How can artists create a life that is financially sustainable? How does the market put focus on individual successes rather than collective support? How do artists “perform” and package themselves through the grant writing process? What can we do to better support artists and arts infrastructures in this time of austerity? This talk will be followed by an open discussion, and will be filmed as potential material for a new theatre show in development exploring similar themes.