Deschooling Society

11 June 2016


Venue: The NewBridge Project, 12 New Bridge, Street West, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8AW

Organiser: The NewBridge Project and Angela Kennedy

Angela Kennedy is an Artist, Performer, Activist and Facilitator- The NewBridge Project supports artists to investigate and challenge the boundaries of contemporary art practice. The NewBridge Project is an artist-led community comprising of over 80 artist studios, an exhibition space and book shop based in a 29,000sqft former office block in Newcastle city centre. The NewBridge Project was established in 2010 to provide exchange and support in an engaged and discursive community of artists. The shared workspace is a critical and collaborative environment that allows artists to discuss and develop new ideas and projects.

Using the iconic Ivan Illich argument and book as a starting point, how might we as artists, as a society, share our learning, our privilege and challenge the elitism of certification, so as to develop a more fair, accessible and equal society? How can we create and share space to have conversations and re-claim real learning - self led/self directed learning rather than competition or hierarchy? The Greek ‘scholḗ’/School, meaning leisure employed in learning: how can we foster and support a more radical ethical alternative to the elitist systems we have now? Places to have conversations and learn. We will work in small groups to explore these questions and develop ideas to take forward .